Top earning Youtube Niches to start in 2020 for Beginners

When one search up for various ways to earn money online from home then    the platform of Youtube always ranks top. Its free to create a youtube channel and later can be monetized to earn revenue from the adds shown on the videos. But the biggest thing is to decide the right Youtube Niches to start There are many top earning Youtube niches for beginners to start. Some of the best are well described below.

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  1. Gadgets: If ones is looking for a niche to start up a new youtube channel then niches based on gadgets is the perfect option for him. Gadgets specially includes smartphones, electronics gadgets i,e laptops, cameras, computers etc. One can opt for this niche and later he can posts videos relating to unboxing of smartphones, cameras, other useful gadgets and their details reviews.The adds basically shown on this types of nice based is Latest smartphones launched, newest software launched, latest electronic launched etc. The best part of gadgets based channel is that the advertisers bids high on videos related to gadgets reviews and unboxing thus the creaters is able to earn more even from less click from his adds on his videos due to high cpc. 
  2. Cooking: If ones hobby is cooking then he can definitely go with this niche. This niches is very best for womens as they love cooking. Videos relating to live cooking of various delicious dish, cruisines can be posted on this niche. Basically adds related to grocery items, fastfood chains hubs are types of advertisement that advertisers bids on these types of videos. CPC based on this niche is good. 
  3. Tutorials: If one is very educative he can start up a educational channel. Videos related to live education classes, live demonstration, online classes, software education, giving tutorials as to how to do a particular thing, etc. can be posted on this niche based channel. The adds shown on the videos are basically related to software tutorials, and also related to the topic of the video tutorials. 
  4. Comedy & Pranks: Youtube channel based on niches like comedy, entertainment, mimicry and pranks are amongst the fastest growing youtube channels. Everyone likes to be entertained especially when he gets tired from his work thus he looks for somethings like entertaining thus the chances of success of these niches based channel is more and that is the reasons why channels related to such niches are becoming successful day by day. But the only disadvantages  is that low cpc adds are shown on these videos. The creaters basically earns from views which tends to grows faster basically when videos becomes viral. 
  5. Creativity Channel: If you are of creative mind such as a mind to invent and explore new things which can make things do easier for people for them this channel based niches is best option. 
  6. Music: If you have passion of music in you then this niche can be a perfect option for you. If one can sing well or even play a nice musical instrument such as piano, casio, guitar, congo, drums, etc then the channel can achieve hight within short span time. Like Comedy & Pranks based niches this is also amongst the fastest growing youtube channel. 
  7. News: Its a tendancy of people watching news channel to get latest updates on the trendings. Based on such tendancy of the peoples one can start up a channel relating posting videos related to latest news from the fields of sports, politics, bollywood, hollywood, culture, etc.
  8. Vlog channel: These channel includes videos relating to a famous destination such as Videos relating to a trip of a famous place or country that people loves to watch. People tends to search for videos of various famous places such as for country, its heritage, food etc. Thus one can start his channel with vlog videos exploring the world heritage.

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