Download sbi cash deposit slip form pdf 

SBI Cash Deposit Slip or popularly “pay-in-slip” is a form used by account holder to deposit funds in their account. SBI Cash Deposit Slip also acts as Cheque Deposit Slip. Thus SBI Cash Deposit Slip serves dual purpose. Bank customers can deposit cheque in their account by filling Cash Deposit Slip. If you are unaware how to fill SBI Cash deposit slip for Cheque deposit, then do read this article. Deposit Slip or pay in slip is divided into two section namely Counterfoil or customer copy and Bank Copy.

Counterfoil part contains entries like date, branch name, Type of account, Amount( Cheque) to be deposited in words & figure. Depositor has to fill these entries to make deposit in account. Counterfoil is returned back to the customer as receipt for the transaction made after putting bank seal. Like counterfoil, Bank copy have similar entries. Bank copy is retained by the bank for future records keeping. Deposit slip is available at all SBI branches PAN India. Bank Customer has to fill both counterfoil and bank copy to deposit funds in his/her account. Learn how to fill Deposit slip or Pay-in-slip of SBI by reading this simple article.

In Case of making deposit of Rs 50000 and obove , the depositor is required to mention the PAN Number in the SBI Cash deposit slip. In case if the depositor doesn’t have PAN card then he must fill and submit form 60. If you are unaware how to fill form 60, then do read this article. Bank doesn’t charge any commission for depositing funds in account.

Due to the advance digitalization in Indian banking sector, deposit slip are now being replaced by Debit card or green card specially for depositing funds in bank account as it doesn’t require involvement of any form or paper to make transaction.

Download sbi cash deposit slip form pdf

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