How to apply for Canara Bank ATM Card in easy steps

Canara Bank issues personalized ATM Card to its customers. Canara Bank ATM Card provides easiness of making cashless transactions across any corner of the globe. Canara Bank atm card carries both domestic and International usage. The customers has the option to choose the card variant amongst VISA, MASTERCARD or PUPAY. Canara Bank ATM card carries lot of value added features that not only makes the transaction digital but also add comfort in customer life. To apply for ATM Card of Canara Bank, the account holder needs to fill up a Canara Bank ATM card form. The form then needs to be submitted at the home branch. The customers receives his/her ATM card within one week of form submission. In this article, we will learn how to fill Canara Bank ATM card form. Download Canara Bank ATM card form pdf

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How to fill Canara bank cash Deposit Slip Correctly

Application form for issue of
(Please fill this form in Capital letters and tick appropriate boxes)
From: The account holder needs to write the account name and the residential address. To:
Canara Bank
_Write the name of the home branch__Branch
DP Code: __leave blank_____
Date: Write the date when you will submit the form
Request for issue of Canara Bank Personalized Debit Card:
(Tick appropriate boxes)
New Additional Replacement: If the customer is applying for atm card for first time, then New should be ticked. If the account holder already possess atm card but still applying for second atm card then additional must be ticked. If the account holder card has lost or damaged and the account holder wants replacement of the card then replacement option should be ticked.

VISA MasterCard RuPay: These are the variant in which the ATM card are issued. One can choose any one from the three. If you wants to use for making both National or International payment then VISA or MASTERCARD option must be ticked. If the account holder wants to limit the use of ATM Card only in India then Rupay Card serves the best purpose.

For Domestic usage For both Domestic & International usage: If you wants to use the ATM card only in india then domestic usage must be ticked. If the account holder wants to use the card to make both National and international payments then second option Both domestic & International usage should be ticked.

Name of the Applicant: Write the account name.
Date of Birth: Write the date of birth
PAN Number: Write the 11 digit PAN Card number
Mobile No.: Write the Mobile number
Name as required in the Canara Bank Debit Card: Write the exact name that you wish to be printed on the ATM Card front face.
(not to exceed 19 characters including spaces)

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Download Miscellaneous Forms of Canara Bank

Account Number to which Canara Bank Debit Card is to be linked:
SB / CA / OD (Primary A/c): Choose the account type either Saving Bank (SB), Current Account (CA) or OD. Thereafter, write the account number.
SB / CA / OD: If account holder possess secondary account in canara bank and want to link that account with this ATM then the secondary account number needs to be mentioned here.
SB / CA / OD: If the account holder has third account with canara bank then account number can be mentioned to link that account with the ATM
SB / CA / OD: If the account holder has fourth account with canara bank then account number can be mentioned to link that account with the ATM

In case of Joint Accounts: Operation Condition: SEVERALLY
I/We am/are aware that the rules for the issuance and usage of Canara Bank Debit Card are governed by Terms & Conditions set out therein. I/We accept to be bound by such Terms & Conditions unconditionally and to any changes made therein from time to time by accepting / signing on the reverse of the Canara Bank Debit Card / using the card. I/We undertake that the usage is strictly in accordance with the exchange control Regulations / other RBI guidelines issued from time to time and in the event of any failure to do so I/We am/are aware that I/We am/are liable for action under FEMA 1999. I/We understand that upon issue of Canara Bank Debit Card to me, the existing Canara Bank Debit Card / ATM Card, if availed will be deactivated.
I am given an option to get Canara Bank Debit Card – Non-Personalized or
Personalized Debit Card. I understand that the Non-personalized Debit Card does not bear my name on the card.
I request you to please issue me a Canara Bank Personalized Debit Card.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
(SIGNATURE OF THE ACCOUNT HOLDER/S): The account holder/Joint account holders needs to draw his signature in this place

Branch Confirmation: To be filled by Bank authorities.

We confirm as follows:
1) Signature of the customer and mode of operation of the account(s) verified.
2) Customer satisfies the eligibility conditions for issuance of Personalized
Debit Card.
3) Authorized to issue the Canara Bank Personalized Debit Card.
Debit Card No.: Checked / Verified by
Authorized Signatory

Download Canara Bank ATM card form pdf

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