Bank Holidays July 2021: Bank will be close for 15 days in July 2021

If you are regular visitor of bank to carry out banking transactions then you should note down the Bank Holiday dates when bank will be closed in the month of July, 2021. India’s Apex Body, Reserve Bank of India has issued a notification relating to bank holiday. The notification states when the bank will be closed in the month of July, 2021 in lieu of holiday. However online transaction will still continue as usual through online banking  or similar like platform. As per Reserve Bank of statement bank will be closed for total of 15 days in which 9 days holidays as part of RBI Holiday calendar list and rest are weekened off. However banking operation differ from state to state.

Bank holiday varies from state to state and not observed by  all banking companies. Banks holiday also depends upon a particular festival being observed by that state for which notification has been released by its state government.

Here is the complete list of days when the bank will be closed in the month of July 2021.

Bank Holiday July 2021
July 12, 2021Kang ( Rathajatra )/Ratra Yatra
July 13, 2021Bhanu Jayanti
July 14, 2021Drukpa Tshechi
July 16, 2021Harela
July 17, 2021U Tirot Singh Day/Kharchi Puja
July 19, 2021Guru Rimpoche’s Thungkar Tshechu
July 20, 2021Bakrid
July 21, 2021Bakrid (Id-Ul-Zuha) (Eid-UI-Adha)
July 21, 2021Ker Puja

Apart from the obove mentioned holiday, every month second Saturday and weekends are additional days when the bank will be completely closed.  The obove metioned bank holidays will be observed in various state where the state government has declared holiday in lieu of it. But in case of national holiday, all bank over the country will be closed. It is advised to bank customer to adhere to this holiday list of bank falling in the month of July 2021, so that unnecessary time and energy is saved on visiting on bank off days.