Best Five Google Adsense Alternatives for WordPress website 2018

If one looks for a best and leading advertising platform then Google Adsense always ranks and comes first. There is no doubt that Google Adsense is the best and the most paying monetization method that any blogger or publisher generally use on his blog. If one is looking for a better option than Google Adsense then it is impossible for him to get that but finding a best alternative following Adsense, is possible. Adsense is the part of Google, leading search engine. Big and leadings brands undergoes contract with Adsense to advertise their products.That is the same reason why adsense is regarded as the highest paying advertising medium to the publishers. The best part of adsense is that,if one website is properly optimized then adsense tries to display relevant and the most paying add matching with the content of the publishers. That makes publishers earn high both from either CPC Adds or CPM Adds. Lot of publishers are earning handful some of money monthly by using this advertising platform over Websites and youtube channels. Getting Adsense approval for ones’s blog is quite difficult task. The Payout is generally made wire transfer into the bank accounts of the publishers. The minimum payout after which adsense transfer the money into the Bank Account is $100. The biggest drawback of adsense is that being it a highest paying advertising agency it is very strict for its rules implementation. If ones doesn’t abide by the rules and regulations  and crosses limit then Adsense generally suspends Adsense Account, if adsense account is once suspended then there are very rare chances of getting back adsense account back.

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If this case happens with someone then the best alternatives to adsense are:-

Best Alternatives of Google Adsense:-


The best and leading alternative to Google Adsense  is is part of Yahoo/Bing Advertising network. The best part of is that its features are quite similar to google adsense. But like google adsense, also have its rules and polices which must be abided by the publishers. generally displays Display and text adds in ones publishers websites. The payment is made through wire transfer or Paypal only after after reaching the threshold of balance $100. The best part of is that here you can customize your adds according to size, colour or shapes which makes it more appealing from the point of view of the viewers.

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The second best alternatives to Adsense is Infolinks. Infolinks is the most In-text based online Advertising network. Its much easier for one to get his site approved from Infolinks. The procedure of adds displaying through Infolinks is also very simple. If ones fails to get his site approved from adsense and then Infolinks is the best options for him to choose. The minimum payout for Infolinks is $50. The payment is generally made through PayPal, eCheck, ACH, Payoneer. Infolinks generally displays In text ads, In Tag ads, In Search ads. The plus point is that it can be collectively be used with Adsense in your blog or websites.

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The third best alternative to Adsense is Chitika. Lot of bloggers have achieve success using this Ad Network. Chitika offers search-targeted, smartphones, and local ads which best targets the users.Chitika’s Search Targeted Ads ensure that the ads on your site are seen by users who are interested in the ad content.The best feature is that Chitika’s Local Ad Exchange displays local ads on your site’s visitors based location. Its very simple to get approved from Chitika for his website or blog.The minimum payout for Chitika is $10. The payment is generally made through PayPal. The adds displayed are generally contextual adds.

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Adversal is a CPM based ad network and  one of the best alternative to the google Adsense. Adversal is boon to those bloggers who are fed up by requesting google AdSense for getting their blog approved and getting rejected every time. The best feature of Adversal ad network is that it not just pay for Clicks but also for the impressions made. Though google AdSense pays high to his publishers, but google has very tight guidelines for accepting a blog to provide google AdSense. There are many other ad companies which have very simple criteria to provide Adds. The minimum payout is $20 and the payment is made through Paypal, Wire-transfer, ACH.
Adversal providea a option of geo-targeting that allows the advertisers to show their top paying dollars adds which finally means more income to the publishers.

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Kontera is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. Kontera offers in-text advertising, similar to Infolink. Kontera does not take up additional ad spaces on your blog, rather, they analyze your site’s content and turn relevant keywords or phrases into hyperlinked text ad.Kontera provides publishers with better advertising revenues from their mobile or PC web pages adds. The ads are customizable, that means that one can easily change the color of the hyperlinks, control the size of text links or even restrict turning any specific keywords into a text ad. The minimum payout is $20 and the payment is made through Paypal, wire transfer.

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