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Best Whatsapp status 2018

  1. Short As Life Is We Make It Still Shorter By The Careless Waste Of Time
  2. We Get So Concerned With The Urgent, We Never Have Time To Deal With Important
  3. Procastination Bring Loss, Delay Danger
  4. Every Great Book Is An Action, And Every Great Action Is A Book
  5. In The Middle Of Difficulty Lies Opportunity
  6. Reading Makes A Full Man, Conference Ready Man, Writing An Exact Match
  7. Charity Without Fellow Feeling Is Like Showing A Fallow Land
  8. God Does Not Do Injustice, And Expect His Followers To Be Just
  9. Character Is What You Are In The Dark
  10. The Great Hope Of Society Is Individual Character
  11. Selfishness Is More Paying, Only People Have Not The Patients To Practice It
  12. To See What Is Right And Not To Do It, Is Want Of Courage
  13. Faith Is A Force Of Life
  14. Real Faith Goes To Work, But Ask The Question About Results
  15. The Man Without Faith Is A Walking Corpse
  16. Outward Cleanliness Is In A Sign Of Purity
  17. The Whole Earth Is But One Country And Mankind Is Citizen
  18. Truth Alone Will Endure, All The Rest Will Be Swept Away Before The Tide Of Time
  19. Every Man Seeks For Truth, But God Only Knows Who Has Found It
  20. The High- Minded Man Must Care More For The Truth Than For What People Think
  21. The Highest Result Of Education Is Tolerance
  22. Charity Without-Fellow Feeling Is Like Showing A Fallow Land
  23. It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive
  24. Blessed Are The Peacemaker, For They Shall Be Called The Children Of God
  25. It Is Better To Fail In Originality Than To Succeed In Imitation
  26. Rich Gifts Wax Poor When Givers Proves Unkind
  27. Life Is Real ! Life Is Earnest And The Grave Is Not Its Good
  28. The Gift Of Things Are Never As Precious As The Gifts Of Thought
  29. When You Work Speaks For Itself, Don’t Interrupt
  30. A Friend Is A Present You Give Yourself
  31. Hold Faithfulness And Sincerity As First Principle
  32. Death Is A Messenger Of Joy, Why Don’t You Grieve
  33. Children Of This Age Are Wiser Than The Sages Of The Past
  34. This Handful Of Dust, Earth, Let It Be In Unity
  35. We Are Fruits Of One Tree And Waves Of One Sea
  36. Knowledge Is A Treasure And Source Of Joy
  37. Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do
  38. The Soul Has To Account For Its Own Deeds
  39. Happiness Is The Foundation Of All Virtues
  40. Happiness Will Come When One Turns To God And Seeks Union With Him
  41. To Realise That God Is All And All Is God Gives Man Courage
  42. Be Faithful Till Death, And He Will Give You The Crown Of Life
  43. Blessed Are The Pure In Heart, For Patience Is God Theyey Shall See God
  44. Buried Seeds May Grow, But Buried Talent Never
  45. A Man Attends Perfection When His Work Is Worship Of God
  46. Hurt Not Others In Ways That You Yourself Would Find Hurtful
  47. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them To Unto You
  48. Happiness Is Incomplete Unless It Is Shared
  49. He Who Has Faith Has Wisdom
  50. For Bearing, Patience Is The Highest Devotion
  51. A Man Attains Perfection When His Work Is Worship Of God
  52. To Keep A Lamp Burning, We Have To Keep Putting Oil In It.
  53. That Man Is Richest Whose Pleasures Are Cheapest
  54. Where There Is Great Love There Are Always Miracles
  55. The Best Way To Bring Up Children Is Never To Let Them Down
  56. Freedom Cannot Live Where There Is Injustice
  57. Men And Women Are The Two Wings Of The Word Humanity
  58. If You Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight Times

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