Download Indane gas KYC form PDF

If you are going to get a new gas connection then you need to submit a KYC form to your nearest gas agency dealer. KYC form is compulsory to be submitted as it is meant to receive information about the gas consumer for verification so as to ascertain whether the customer is actually eligible to … Read more

Planning to donate a care this is how To Donate a Car In California

Donating a car is a best option is one really will to do that. There are two best advantages of donating a car one is that it will leave behind a good space at your garage free of cost so that it can be occupied with a new car and second advantage is that it … Read more

How to fill Pan card correction form

Hello in this article we will Learn how to correct you mistakes in your Pan card by filled pan card correction form. This method is offline where you need to fill up a form pan card correction form and then you need to submit this form with correct valid documents to the nearest Pan card … Read more

What to write in the capacity of Pan Card coloumn

While applying for PAN Card by filling form 49A, applicant generally gets as to what exactly needs to be filled in column that states to furnish information in the capacity of Pan Card. Thus here’we guide you as to what exactly needs to be written in the capacity of Pan Card column.  What to write … Read more

Reliance Jio free phone Rs 1500 prebooking started 26 January, 2018 this is how to book, BUY NOW JIO PHONE

Hello Guys Jio has again launched free Phone. Watch the video to know how to buy Jio phone. Buy Jio free phone from below link sabse pehle.  BUY JIO PHONE NOW Read all terms and conditions of Jio Read full specifications of Jio Phone Rs 1500