Download Deposit slip of SBI pdf format 2021

State Bank of India, deposit slip is a basically a form used to deposit money in SBI account. Deposit slip of SBI is divided into two section. The left section part of the slip is counterfoil or customer copy. Counterfoil is return to the customer as receipt for the amount deposit in account. Whereas, the right section of the deposit slip is called as bank copy.  Bank retains this section for future records. Customers has to fill both the counterfoil and bank copy. Entries like Date, Account Number, Account type and amount to be deposited, etc needs to be filled in the form. Customers must ensure that while entering the account number, they must recheck it twice and thrice, to avoid unreversable situation like money deposit in wrong account. After thorough check, it should be presented at cash counter. Deposit slip of SBI is available for free at all SBI branches PAN India. One needs to collect, fill and present at the counter to deposit money in one’s account. For customer ease we are herewith attaching a jpeg file to download deposit slip of SBI. 

DOWNLOAD Deposit Slip of SBI pdf format 2021