Gram Suraksha Scheme: Earn 35 Lakh by investing Rs 1500 Monthly

Gram Suraksha Scheme: Post office offers plenty of Deposit and Scheme amongst which the investor can choose as per his investment requirement. Some scheme involves high risk but guarantees high profit where some scheme involves low risk and satisfactory profit. Investor can choose as per his capability of investing and his aim.
Post Office generally attract low to middle income group mostly who look to earn high profit in return of making small installment payment monthly. If you are amongst those customer looking for a best investment that involves minimum risk on the investor amount and later repays a big sum at maturity date then do read about a famous Scheme Gram Suraksha Scheme started by Post office
Gram Suraksha scheme is started keeping in mind to benefit small investors from middle income group. Investor can start this scheme by investing a minimum amount of Rs 1500 and at maturity it guarantees return of Big sum of Rs 35,00,000 (35 Lakh). 
Eligibility criteria for Gram Suraksha Scheme: 
1. The investor need to be an Indian Citizen.
2. The investor age should be between 19 to 55 years
3. Minimum sum assured should be from 10,000 to 10 Lakh
When to make monthly payment:
The monthly payment can be made monthly, quarterly or annually. In case of late payment, investor gets 30 days Grace period. Also, the investor is given a facility where he can avail loan against his investment,  if he continuously pays premium for some tenure as per loan availing policy.
How to earn 35 Lakh by investing Rs 1500 per month
The Investor should invest in this scheme at minimum age of 19 and buys sum assured of Rs 10 Lakh. Investor should make monthly premium of Rs 1500 per month without failing to make any payment. After 55 years of making payment monthly, the investor would earn around 31 Lakh. Moreover, if the investor continue, the investment further for additional 5 years, can fetch total of Rs 35 Lakh. 
Gram Suraksha Scheme is definitely boon to a low income group investor. If provides an opportunity to the investor to earn high return while making only a small partial money payment every month.