How to Add beneficiary in SBI net banking in personal banking

State bank of India is India largest bank owned by the government of India. This Bank provides wide range of services to its customer like accepting deposit, providing loans at afforadable rate of  interest, transferring funds under NEFT and RTGS. In this article we will study how to add beneficary account detail in SBI net banking in personal banking.

If a customer wants to transfer funds form one account to another then he uses the services of NEFT and RTGS. To use this services SBI customer needs to have access to SBI net banking. If one has access to internet banking then he needs to enter the beneficiary details like his account name, account number, bank name and his branch IFSC Code. Thus with the help of this service one can save the account details of the beneficary well in advance, so that in future if one wants to send that person funds then the sender only needs to enter the amount and just the OTP password to confirm the transaction and nothing else. Now it is made mandatory for the internet banking customer of the SBI to add the beneficiary account details before they can transfer funds into their account via NEFT OR RTGS.

How to Add beneficiary in SBI net banking in personal banking

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