How to Add Downloadable file, JPG,PNG,PDF etc in wordpress article and site

Hello Guys today in this article we will learn as to how one can add downloadable file in their article posts or add downloadable file in any pages of their wordpress site. Well adding Downloadable file or adding links gives better navigations and easiness for the readers.

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The obove  screenshot shows downloadable file posted in article. Over the left of the line in Blue Colour is the Link of the downloadable file. If the cursor is placed on the word Click here the cursor takes form of a hand. If you click on this word then automatically the file in format of  either JPG, PNG, JPEG, PDF,etc  added in this link get downloaded in the next page.

Below are steps as to how to add such downloadable file in one such posts.

Firstly, Login to your WordPress account

After Logging into your WordPress Dashboard just go to Media Option on the left  and click on Add New


Now you will be directed to a page like obove screenshot. Now click on select option at the top middle of the screen to choose the destination of the file from the pop-up window opened. Choose the file in JPG,PNG,PDF etc format you want to upload on your article.

Now Click on the option Edit as shown inside Red rectangle as shown in obove screenshot on the right bottom of the screen.


Now Click on the option Edit as shown inside Red rectangle as shown in obove screenshot on the right bottom of the screen.


Now on the Right One will find option like File URL one need to copy this URL. This is the URL of the file one wants to upload in his article or blog.


Now go to the post or article where you want to Upload Downloadable file in any of format of JPG, PNG, JPEG or PDF format.
To upload Downloadable file just click on Insert Link option. After clicking on Insert link option one will find a small pop up option opened just at the place where cursor is placed. Now click on the setting option as shown inside red rectangle in obove screenshot


Now you will be directed to a pop-up screen like this. At the top you will find option like URL. So in this coloumn you have to paste the URL of the image you copied in the previous page. Just below this URL you will find another option stating Link Text, so in this coloumn you have to enter a dedicated word on the click on which your file will be downloaded.
Now select the check box open link in the new tab, doing this it will automatically open a new tab when one  click on the URL Linked words and the file will be downloaded on the new tab opened.

After doing the obove process Click on Add Link Option which is at the bottom right corner of the page as shown in obove screenshot inside green rectangle.


Now you can see that the Downloadable Link of the file has been added in your posts. Now one has to click on Update option which is on the right of the screen( see obove screenshot).


Well you can see that your Downloadable Link of the image has been added in your posts. If one places cursor on this Link it takes the shape form of a hand and on clicking the the Link, the image type of file you added will be automatically downloaded on the next tab which will be opened.



Obove sceenshot is the view of the Downloaded Image File. Hence file is sucessfully uploaded in post and can be easily downloaded.

Video Tutorial

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