How to apply for ATM cum Debit Card of Karnataka Bank

Karnataka Bank is one of leading private sector bank of India. The headquarter of this bank is situated in Mangaluru, Karnataka. At present this bank has total of 851 branches along with 1540 ATMs established across 22 states and 2 union territories of India. Karnataka Bank provides leading services to its customers like opening bank account, opening fixed deposit account, funds transfer under NEFT and RTGS, Providing loans at afforadable rate of interest, etc. One of the key services offered by this bank to its customer is issuing of ATM card to its customer. In this article we will study how to apply for ATM Debit card of Karnataka Bank.

A debit Card or ATMn Card is a plastic card issued by a bank to its customer to withdraw money form their account through ATM or to make online payments on POS.

How to apply for ATM cum Debit Card of Karnataka Bank

To apply for ATM Card of Karnataka Bank one needs to visit his Karnataka bank and fill up a ATM card application form. He needs to specify his account details on the form. Later he needs to submit the form in the same branch. The customer receives the ATM card at his residential address he specified in the form he submitted at this bank. Download ATM card Application form

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Full Name Mr./Mrs./Ms.: Choose your title accompanied by writing the full name or the name by which you operate the account.

4. PMJDY DEBIT CARD (For PMJDY Account holders only)
5. KISSAN DEBIT CARD (For ODKCC Account holders only)
6. MUDRA DEBIT CARD (For MUDRA OD Account holders only


Choose VISA International Debit Card from the obove option as it is one of the best debit cum ATM card for domestic use and even for making international payment. Choose RUPAY debit card if you want your card to be limited to withdrawal and making payment in India only.  

Name to be displayed on the Debit Card/Correspondence (Not more than 25 Characters) : Write the exact name you want to be printed on the card. The number of character should not exceed more than 25 character.

Date of Birth:
 Write you date of birth in format oof DD/MM/YYY  i,e 15/05/1989

Mailing address: Write your complete residential address
( including your city, PIN code, Mobile number and Email ) where you want your ATM card to be delivered.

Primary Account No: Write you full bank account number you maintain with Karnataka bank. For example  255464666
Secondary Account No: If you have secondary account with Karnataka bank then furnish the secondary account number in this coloumn.

Existing ATM/Debit Card No. (if any) : If you already possess an ATM then do furnish the 16 digit ATM Card number.
If Joint Account (only for account with operating instruction (Either/Anyone or Survivor)
Name of the Joint holders (other than the applicant):

Write the name of the Joint account holder (if any) other than the main applicant whose information has been furnished obove.
Read the declaration and abide by it.

Date: Write the date when you are submitting the application form.

Signature of applicant: The primary applicant needs to sign in this place. The signature should be the same one has given to the bank at the time of account opening.

Joint Holders Declaration: I/We agree tothe issue of Money Plant Debit Card to _______Write the name of the primary applicant whose details are furnished obove________On the above said designated account/s. I/We agree to the terms and conditions mentioned overleaf and undertake to discharge liability arising from the card transaction.

Date: Write the date you will submit the form
Signature of all the joint holder/s
: The Joint Holder needs to sign in this place (if any)

For Branch Use: Leave all these entries blank as they are meant to be filled by the bank officials.


These are the only entries one has to make in the form and later one needs to submit the form in his home branch. One will be delivered his ATM card on his residential address in a week. For PIN generation one may enquire with the bank