How to apply Indian Overseas Bank ATM Application form

Indian Overseas Bank is public sector bank of India owned by the central government of India. Indian Overseas bank head Office is situated in Chennai, India. Presently, this bank has total of 3400 branches across India. Indian Overseas Bank provides a wide range of services to its customers like accepting deposit, opening bank and FD account, issuing ATM Cards to customers, providing loans at economical rate of interest. In this article we will study about the the procedure of ATM cum Debit Card of Indian Overseas Bank. 

ATM or Debit Card: ATM cum debit card is a plastic card issued by a bank to its customer to let them withdraw money from account through ATM and make payment online at POS. Download Indian Overseas bank ATM application form pdf

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How to apply for ATM Cum Debit card of Indian Overseas Bank

To apply for ATM of Indian Overseas Bank one need to fill a ATM Card form and submit the form at the home branch. The customer then receives his or her ATM Card at the address he specified in the ATM form. In this article we will study how to fill the form of ATM card of Indian overaseas bank.

Narration of the entries of ATM Card form of Indian Overseas Bank

Branch: Write the name of your home branch
Code: Write the branch code of your home branch
Customer ID (CBS): Write the customer ID stated in the passbook or inquire with your bank
Applicant Name ( in Block Letters): Choose the Prefix that you use before your name and write the exact name that you wish to be printed on the ATM card
Write the full residential address including your district, Pi Code, Email ID and Mobile Number

Official: If you are working then do mention your official address
Account Detail: Choose the type of account either SB or CD or CC
A/C Number: Write the account number
If Replacement, Old Card Number: If you already had card  with you in the past, then select the reason amongst Lost, Damaged and Change in type of card for replacement for the card
Mailing Address: Choose the address between Residence or Office where you want your ATM Card to be delivered.
Nationality: Choose Nationality as Indian
For Domestic and International Use: Choose this option
Date of Birth: Write your date of birth
Choose Personalised Card: Choose this option
PAN/GIR No: Write the PAN card number in this coloumn
Passport No: If you possess Passport then do mention the passport number in this coloumn
Annual Income: Write your annual income in this coloumn
Declaration: Read and abide by the declaration
Name & Signature: Write your name and do your signature

For Branch Use: Leave all entries blank

 Download Indian Overseas bank ATM application form pdf