How to fill Pan card form online at UTIITSL

Hello Everyone in this article we will learn how to  fill pan card form online at UTIITSL. For Better understanding we have attached a youtube tutorial video that will guide step by step how to apply and fill pan card form online at UTIITSL. Do read the article must.

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Video tutorial….. 

Visit the website :

On the left of the page Click on the option Apply as Indian citizen/NRI ( Click Here) as shown in Red Rectangle box in the obove Screenshot

Click Apply for new PAN Card (Form 49A) option (at  the centre of the page )as shown in Red Rectangle box in the obove Screenshot.

Fill up the form that’s opens 49A
(Description of the entries of the form are below)

First choose your category whether individual or if you own business chose partnership or if you are trust then choose accordingly or if you are firm or Government.
WARD/CIRCLE   Leave Blank

Range   Leave Blank

Commissioner   Leave Blank

Leave all the below options blank it will be automatically filled after you choose your address and write your address in the form below

AREA CODE………………………
AO TYPE…………………………………
Range code……………………………
AO NO…………………………………..

  1. Select Title: Just select your tiltle that you use before your name such as Shri, Smt etcLast Name/Surname : Just write your Surname

First Name: Just write your First name

Middle Name: Just write your middle name( if any)

  1. Name on Card *: This coloumn will automatically be filled after you fill you first , middle and surname coloumn.
  2. Have you been known by any other name: Select as NO
  3. Gender: Choose your gender as male or female.
  4. Date of Birth / Incorporation/Agreement/Partnership or Trust Deed/Formation of Body of Individuals/Association of Persons: Just write your Date of Birth in the format of DD/MM/YYYY
  5. Details of Parents(applicable only for Individual applicants) *

Father’s Name(Mandatory – Even married woman should fill in father’s name only) *: Just write your Father name if you have choosen category as Individual

Last Name/Surname: Just write the surname of your Father

First Name: Just write your Father first name.

Middle Name: Just write your Father middle name(if any)

Mother’s Name (optional): Just write your mother name if you want ( not compulsory)

Last Name/Surname      Just write the surname of your motherc

First Name          Just write your mother middle name, if you filling

Middle Name    Just write your mother middle name(if any) , if you filling
Select the name of either father or mother which you may like to be printed on PAN card (Select one only)

(In case no option is provided then PAN card will be issued with father’s name)

  1. Address *

Residential Address: Just write your residential address below coloumns.

Flat/Door/Block Number: Just write your house number

Name of Premises/Building/Village: Just write the name of the building

Road/Street/Lane/Post Office: Just name the nerarest post office.

Area/Locality/Taluka/Sub-Division: Just write the name of the area where you live

Town/City/District: Just write your city name where you live

State/Union Territory: Choose your state

Pincode/Zip code: Just write your PIN code of your area

Country Name:  Choose this as India

Office Address: If you do Job you can mention your office address by filling the coloumn below. In case if you don’t do job you can leave the below coloumn blank.

Name of the Office…………………………………..

Flat/Door/Block Number…………………………………..

Name of Premises/Building/Village…………………………………..

Road/Street/Lane/Post Office…………………………………..



State/Union Territory…………………………………..

Pincode/Zip code…………………………………..

Country Name…………………………………..

  1. Address for Communication * : Now choose the address in which you want to receive your PAN Card whether Residence or office address. As you choose the obove coloumn comprising of (area code, ao code, range code, ao no) will automatically be filled.

9.Telephone Number & Email ID details

Telephone ISD Code  : Just choose this as India from the Countries Option

Area/STD Code : Leave this Blank

Telephone/Mobile number  : Just give your mobile Number

Email ID    : Just give your Email ID Number if you want

  1. In case of a person, who is required to quote Aadhaar number/ the Enrolment ID of Aadhaar application form as per section 139AA

Mention your Aadhaar/Aadhaar Enrolment Details  AADHAAR number: Just write your 12 digit Aadhaar Number in this coloumn

Enrolment ID  : Just write your enrolment number if you have not received you aadhaar number yet

Name as per AADHAAR/AADHAAR Enrolment ID : Just write your name as per Aadhaar card

Are you a citizen of India?      : Just choose as YES

  1. Source Of Income: Just choose your source of income if the below options below

Are you a salaried Employee

Are you are engaged in a business / profession

Income from House Property

Capital Gains

Income from Other source

No Income

  1. Representative Assessee(RA): If one is not able to fill a form or don’t know how to fill this form or not capable of filling this form because of unsound mind then any other person can fill this form on his behalf in that case the person who is filling this form on other’s behalf has to fill his details below.

Full name and address of the Representative Assessee, who is assessable under the Income Tax Act in respect of the person, whose particulars have been given above

Last Name/Surname

First Name

Middle Name

Flat/Door/Block Number

Name of Premises/Building/Village

Road/Street/Lane/Post Office



State/Union Territory

PIN Code

15.Documents submitted as Proof of Identity(POI),Proof of Address(POA)and Date of Birth Proof

Which of these documents are you submitting as an Identity Proof *: Choose the document you want to submit as Identity proof from the options available

Which of these documents are you submitting as an Address Proof * :  Choose the document you want to submit as Address proof from the options available

Which of these documents are you submitting as a DOB Proof *:  Choose Aadhaar option only as this is mandatory to be submitted as Date of Birth proof

  1. You do hereby declare that whatever stated above is true in the capacity of *

Verifier Name : This coloumn will be automatically be filled as your full name once you click on this option

Verification Place: Just write your city name

How to fill pan card form offline: A step by step guide

Click on SUBMIT

If verified correct, Applicant can now go ahead with making online payment by clicking on “Make Payment” button on this form

Applicant will be re-directed to Payment Gateway site now by choosing either of the available gateway options – BillDesk and PayU India. Here applicant is free to choose any of the gateways depending on applicant’s payment card issuing bank option available in the two options.

Applicant needs to carry out the payment attempt with his/her card details using one of the following options: Netbanking, Credit Card (Master/Visa), Debit Card (Master/Visa), Cash Card or any other as seen available on the Payment Gateway site.

Applicant may get a “Success” or a “Failure” as a result of this online payment attempt, accordingly the message will be displayed clearly.

On payment “Failure”, message of failed transaction will be system-endorsed on the filled-in form visible on the screen. Applicant may either Cancel, go back OR Retry making the payment.

On payment “Success”, payment confirmation will be system-endorsed on the filled-in.

For “Success” cases, Applicant should “Save” OR take a print-out of the filled-in form visible on the screen through the “Print Form” option provided.

On the printed form, Applicant should affix two (same) photographs of 3.5cms X 2.5cms size.

Applicant should sign at the 3 specified positions on this photo-affixed form as follows:

On the left hand box, sign across the affixed photograph.

On the right hand box, sign below the photo in the space provided.

On page 2 of the form, sign in the bottom right hand box in the space provided.

With the signed PAN Application form complete as above, Applicant should attach copy of the documents being submitted as Proof of Identity, Proof of Address and Proof of Date of Birth strictly as per information provided in the filled-in form:

Applicant is now ready with the complete set of application that includes one filled-in, signed, photo-affixed PAN Application form endorsed with “payment confirmation” alongwith the three supporting documentary proofs.

Applicant should submit or dispatch this complete set of his/her application to the nearest UTIITSL office address below at any one of Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai or New Delhi regions for processing and issuance of his/her PAN Card.

Now with the form with two photo pasted on the boxes and with signature done one can either submit it at the nearest Branch of UTIITSL  or send the Form along with the ID and address documents  proof  Zerox copy at any one below mentioned addresses:


PAN PDC Incharge – Mumbai region
UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited
Plot No. 3, Sector 11, CBD Belapur
NAVI MUMBAI – 400614
Tel No:(022)67931300


PAN PDC Incharge – Kolkata region
UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited
29, N. S. Road, Ground Floor,
Opp. Gilander House and Standard Chartered Bank,
KOLKATA – 700001
Tel No:(033) 22108959 / 22424774


PAN PDC Incharge – Chennai region
UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited
D-1, First Floor,
Thiru -Vi-Ka Industrial Estate,
uindy ,
CHENNAI – 600032
Tel No:044-22500426/044-22500183


PAN PDC Incharge – New Delhi region
UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited
1/28 Sunlight Building, Asaf Ali Road,
NEW DELHI -110002
Tel No:(011) 23211262/23211273-23211274

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