How to become successful in life

What is being successful in life

Being successful in life is a dream of everyone in this world. Being successful in life is a situation where one fulfill his dreams or aims as expected or dreamed by him in the past. Some dream for being good business or some dream for being at good position in a job.

Why are you not successful:

Everyone dream for successful and bright future irrespective of his sex, caste or creed. In context for  successful career everyone thinks positive. But only 25 per cent achieve success in real life. Irrespective on money they are many reasons responsible for being unsuccessful in life

Reasons why one is not successful:
  1. You goals and aims are not defined or set: This is one of the common problem of this younger generations is that their aims and goals are not predetermined they don’t know what they have to do in future. In which field they should make their career.

  2. You are not working hard: The second most reason why one fails to achieve its goals in life is that one is actually not working hard to achieve his goals. Today everyone has its set goals but the same person don’t work enough hard on them to actually achieve them. Such people know the reason and accept why they are not successful in life

  3. You are confused: Some people goals are unlimited or infinity. There goals keeps on changing from time to time and are endless as they they find better future in present successful career. For example some people aims in getting a bank job but while in the ways to achieve bank job if they come across a job where there is chances of bright future as compared to bank job then they immedialtely plans to change their career options with the new one. In future if again they see a bright carrer in some other career option again they do the same thing, such people just change career in their lifetime doesn’t achieve anything in life.

  4. You are looking for shortcut in life: Some people always look for shortcut to achieve success in life. Such people are the only one and with the highest ratio of being un-successful in life. People of such mind donot work hard and try to look for options where they can earn and attain success in less time and earn better handsome money.

  5. Lack of proper guidance: One of the common cause is that the one is not given a proper guidance to what he should do and what career would be best for him in the future. It is responsibility of a senior to guide a proper career directions to his junior as to what he should do and what best matches his personality and what he can do well.

  6. One Forget his capibilities: A very common cause is that one forget his capabilities of what he is capable of doing and aims to achieve that he in incapable of doing. This is common nowdays where if one sees fastest success in a particular career then he tries to make in that new career. Thus he starts following the career as adopted by other successful person without thinking for a moment whether he would be able to do it or not. Later in life he faces problems as the career he opted does not suits his capabilities and he becomes unsuccessful.

  7. Depends upon other: Another major cause of being unsuccessful in life is that some people tends to depends upon other such people don’t have their own decided career and try to follow what others are doing. They think that the career adopted by others will also suits them and later fails to follow up with the new career.
           Tips for being successful in life:
  1. Set up your goals: In order to achieve success in life ones goals should be fixed and predetermined. One should opt for a career which best matches his personalities and capabilities.

  2. Stop following others: don’t depends upon other specially in terms of career if one opt for a career it may according to his abilities but it is not certain that it will suits your personalities so just unfollow him and choose your career.

  3. Hard Work: Nothing can be achieved in this world without hardwork so in order to achieve success in life one need to work very hard over his career. Don’t go for shortcut the only best way to achieve success is hardwork.

  4. Never giveup: Some people have the tendancy to give up things very quickly. Such people work hard on a particular thing for some time but later on future when he faces difficulty in that thing he decides to quit or really quits it. He does it in order to avoid doing hardwork in it,thus this habit should be avoided totally. Never give up specially to your dream work hard and hard until you achieve yours goals.

  5. Follow a proper Guidance: The best way to become successful in life is to follow up a good guidance. Try to follow successful people have communications with them and try to know their strategy as to what they are doing or howthey are try to competing it.