How to Compress videos without Software Manually by setting

Hello today in this video I am going to tell you as to how you can compress your videos without any software or from very beginning of shooting your videos. Recording  videos on high resolution on one hand  creates high quality videos but on other hand it occupies large part of your memory RAM thus giving insufficient storage problem. Even a 10 Minutes recorded videos in 1080p resolution eats up your 1 GB storage. Thus you are forced to stop recording videos or delete some unwanted applications to empty space. People generally first record videos in high resolution and later compress them  with various available  software thus wasting their time in the complete process.Thus in this article you can learn how you can compress  videos without software and from very beginning of recording videos.

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Steps to be followed:

Just go to smartphone HOME option.

Just open your smartphone camera. Swipe your smartphone screen to right ( as shown in the photo).

You would see a screen like this as seen in the photo obove. Just click on the setting option on the right of screen.

Now you will see  screen like this as shown obove just click on the top option Resolution & quality.

Now the screen displayed comes with option of camera and quality. Below  the video  option  it shows both front and back camera default resolution set (as shown in photo). Just click on Back video camera or Front video camera depending upon the your choice you wish to reduce the resolution of your videos.

For example, if you opt for back video camera  and tap on this option. It would display screen like this ( see obove) it would display screen like this and the default resolution set for camera. Now you can choose your resolution depending upon the quality you want your videos to be made.

Finally you are done now you can shoot your videos in Low resolution in order to manage space for your mobile applications.The resolutions available are in 1080p, 720p and 480p. if you are recording from a high quality camera,  the best resolution to be set according to me  would be 720p as it is lies between high and low quality and it produces high quality and also manages to save lot of your phone storage.

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