How to fill Bank of Maharashtra ATM card Application form correctly

If you are a Bank of Maharashtra customer and still doesn’t possess ATM card then this article is for you. In this article, we will guide you how to apply for Bank of Maharashtra ATM card. In apply for Bank of Maharashtra ATM card you need to fill up a Bank of Maharashtra ATM card application form, after filling the form you need to submit the form at your home branch. Once after submitting at your home branch, you will receive your ATM card within a week at the residential address mentioned in the Bank of Maharashtra atm card form. Bank of Maharashtra ATM card form is available at all branch. In this Bank of Maharashtra ATM card form you need to fill some details pertaining to your account in the form, let’s see what details needs to be filled in the form. Download Bank of Maharashtra ATM Card Application form

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(Please fill in block letters) (Please put (tick) in appropriate box)
The Branch Manager,
Bank of Maharashtra,
_ Write the name of your home branch Branch,

Dear Sir,
I/We wish to apply for the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Card. The details are as under.
1) Name

(as to be embossed on the card): Write the exact name that you want to be printed on the front side of your ATM card

FullWrite your surname or lastnameWrite your first nameWrite your middle ( if you have)

3) Date of Birth DD-MM-YYYY Write the date of birth in format of DD-MM-YYYY
4) Address (Please put (X) in the box below indicating your choice of address to which correspondence is to be sent) Write X besides the address on which you want your ATM card to be delivered

Write the residential address in this coloumn, in which you want you ATM card to be deliveredWrite the office address ( if working)
PIN Write PIN Code PIN Write PIN Code
Telephone Number : Telephone Number :

5) Current Employer/Business Name _____Write the employer name if you are working___________Nature of business __Mention the nature of the company where you are working___________Designation ___Write your designation____Length of Business/Service __Write the length of your left over service_________Business Registration No. _Write the registration number__Annual Salary/Business Income _Mention the yearly income__Other Annual Income _if other income please mention________Permanent Income Tax No. _Write the PAN number_______ Ward _Write the ward number ______ Circle ___Write the circle name______

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6) Primary Account details (the Saving Bank or Current Account)

TypeAccount NumberBalanceJoint Holder’s Name/s (If Any)
Write the account type either Saving or Current accountWrite the dedicated account numberWrite the current account balance in your accountIf you share this account with any other account holder than write the name of other account holder

7) If any other Credit/ ATM Card held

Sr. NoName of the CardIssuing InstitutionValid Up ToLimit, if any
1.Mention whether it is debit card (ATM Card ) or a credit cardWrite the name of the bank issuing the ATM cardWrite the expiry date of the cardIf the card possess any limit then do mention the limit

8) Nationality : Resident status (State whether Indian Resident or Non Resident) Select the resident status either resident indian or non resident

9) Document for positive identification (Passport/Driving License/Identity Card/Ration Card/Voter’s I-Card etc.) Choose any document as identity proof

Issued ByNoDate of Issue
Write the name of the organization issuing the document proofWrite the serial number or document number of the documentWrite the date of issue of the document


I/We declare that the above information is correct. I/We have read and understood the terms and conditions of the ATM Card Scheme as annexed to this application. I/We authorise the Bank to contact my/our employer or any source to obtain any further information that may be required. I/We hereby authorise the Bank to issue to me/us an ATM CARD as requested and debt my/our above mentioned Primary account for all withdrawals to be using the card and also to recover the Bank’s charges/fees as applicable from time to time. Without any prejudice to above, I/We accept the Bank’s lien on my/our all deposits, present and future, held in the above mentioned Primary Account.

Authorised Signature/s 1. The account holder needs to sign in this place.

2 Joint account holder, if any, needs to sign in this place

FOR USE OF THE ISSUING BRANCH : These entries are to be filled by the bank official

Download Bank of Maharashtra ATM Card Application form

Video Tutorial in Hindi


Congratulations you have successfully filled ATM card application form