How to fill Canara Bank Nomination form DA-1

Canara Bank Nomination form is a medium which allows its account holder to nominate a family member to the dedicated account so that at event of account holder death the funds pending in the account can be claimed by the appointed nominee. Nomination facility is free of charge service. Canara Bank account holder can simply appoint a nominee to their account by filling Canara Bank Nomination form. Account holder is also given a privilege to change or update the nominee at anytime. To cancel or update the nominee in the dedicated account, the account holder need to fill and submit Canara Bank nomination form DA-2 and DA-3. Canara bank Nomination form contains entries relating to the nominee like name, address, age, guardian name in case of minor nominee, etc. Account holder needs to mention all the details specified in the form about the nominee and his account in Canara Bank Nomination form. Download Canara Bank Nomination form DA-1.

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Nomination under Section 45ZA of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 and Rule 2(1) of the Banking
Companies (Nomination) Rules, 1985 in respect of bank deposits.
I/We _____The account holders needs to write the account name along with the residential address _____
(Name/s and Address/es nominate the following person to whom in the event of my/our/minor’s death the
amount of the deposit, particulars where of are given below, my by returned by.)
___Write the name of the home branch and address __(Name and Address of branch/office in which deposit id held)__

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Download Miscellaneous Forms of Canara Bank

Name : _Write the account Name__________
Nature : _ Write account type either Saving Bank or Current account
Distinguishing No : ___Leave Blank______
Additional details, if any : ___Leave blank_____

Address : __Write the residential address of the nominee____
Age : ___Write the age of the nominee_____
If nominee is a minor, his date of birth:
__If the nominee is a minor, then write the date of birth of Minor nominee____
** As the nominee is a minor as on this date, I/We
appoint Sri/Smt/Ku. ___If the appointed nominee is a minor then a guardian needs to be appointed from the family who will represent the minor nominee. Thus details of the guardian needs to filled in this column. Guardian name, age, address needs to be mentioned___
(Name, Address, age) to receive the amount of the
deposit on behalf of the nominee in the event of
my/our/minor’s death during the minority of the
Place:__Write the name of the city____
Date: _Write the date of form submission_______
Signature/s/Thumb impression/s of depositor/s__Account holder needs to sign in this coloumn. in case if the account holder puts thump impresssion in place of signature then in that case it must be verified by atleast two witnesses who details like Name, Address and sgnature needs to be filled in the form____

Download Canara Bank Nomination form

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**Rest entries needs needs to be filled by the office. Leave other column blank.