How to fill Central Bank of India ATM Centcash Debit Card Application form

Central Bank of India is one of the oldest and the largest public sector bank of India which is owned by the government of India. This bank is headquartered at Mumbai, Maharashtra. Presently, this bank has a network of 4,681 branches and 3,477 ATMs established in all India. Central Bank of India issue various types of debit cum debit card like Centcash debit card, Central Card, Central Classic Card, Central Gold Card, Central Platinum Card. In this article we will learn how to apply for centcash debit card of Central Bank of India.

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What is ATM Card cum debit card: ATM Card or debit card is a plastic card, used to withdraw money from ATMs, make online payment and on POS, deposit money in bank account through cash deposit machines.

How to fill the Central Bank of India ATM Centcash Debit card Applicaion form: Each and every coloumn of this form has been narrated to make one understand the entries easily.

Application form for Centcash Debit Card

For Branch Use: –  Leave all these entries blank

BRANCH: _Write the name of the home branch where you are submitting this form


  1. Name: Mr./Mrs./Ms.: Choose the appropriate prefix that you use before your name
    (Surname) (First Name) (Middle Name) : Write your name in the format of First Surname ( in the left) then First name( in the middle) and then the Middle name ( if any on the right)
  2. Name to be embossed on card: Write the exact name that you wish to be printed on the ATM Card** The number of character should not exceed beyond 19
  3. Father/Husband Name: Write your Father’s name in this coloumn or your husband name in case if you are married.
  4. Date of Birth: Write your date of birth in the format of DDMMYYYY
  5. Gender: Choose the gender between Male or Female
  6. Details of existing cards: If you already possess ATM Card of some other Bank then in that case you can furnish detail for the same. One needs to write the Bank name who issued you the ATM Card. Accompanied by that the customer needs to choose the type of card either Visa, Master or Maestro. Also, the user need to write the 16 Digit Card number.
  7.  Mailing Address: One need to write his residential address in this coloumn
  8. Permanent Address: Write your permanent address
  9. Phone No/Residence/Office/Mobile: Write your mobile number in which you wish to receive the message alerts.
  10. Email: Write you email ID


In these coloumn you need to provide information about your account particulars.
Primary account
Branch: Write the name of the home branch where your account is maintained
Account type: Choose the type of account either saving or current
A/c No: Write the Bank Account number
Title of A/c: Write the Bank account name or the name by which you operate this account.
Secondary account: If you possess another secondary account with Central Bank of India then in that case you need to input provide the relevant informations pertaining to the secondary account. The account informations needs to be filled in the same format one has filled in for primary account.

Declaration: Read the declaration and I agree the terms and conditions.
Date: Write the date when you are will be submitting this form duly filled

Applicant’s Signature: One has to sign in this coloumn, the sign should be the same one submitted to the bank at the time of account opening.

I/We irrevocably authorize the Bank to issue a Centcash Card to above applicant

Name: Write your full account name or the name by which you operate this account
Signature: Sign in this coloumn
**In case of Joint Bank account, other applicant must also sign exactly like the Primary account

For Branch use only: Leave all entries Blank

Download Central Bank of India ATM card/Centcash Debit card Application form

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