How to fill DA-1 Nomination form of Corporation Bank

Corporation Bank is one of the public sector bank of India with its ownership with the government of India. The headquarter of this bank is situated in Mangalore, India.  This bank has a 2432 branches and 3040 ATMs in all India.

What is DA-1 Nomination form

A nomination form is meant to appoint a nominee with a related bank account so in case of death of the account holder the nominee appointed can receive the leftover accumulated funds on behalf of deceased account holder.

It is very important nowdays to appoint a nominee with a related bank account. The Universal truth of a life is that it is uncertain. Now body knows when he or she would spend his last day in this world. Based on this truth, one should definitely apply for nomination facility pertaining to a bank account. The account holder can appoint any member of the family as his nominee to receive the funds on event of his death. In case, if one seeks to appoint a minor as his nominee then he should be represented by a guardian, who should not be a minor. The guardian representing the minor nominee should disclose his full name and address.

Corporation Bank also provides this facility where one can nominate a family member to receive the funds in the event of his death. Lets learn with an article and video tutorial as to how one can fill the nomination form of Corporation Bank.

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