How to fill HDFC Bank RTGS form correctly

HDFC Bank RTGS form is a medium to transfer funds from one bank to another electronically in offline mode. Transferring funds in offline mode has gained wide popularity as it doesn’t require customer to necessarily have bank account. HDFC Bank RTGS form can be used to transfer a sum starting from Rs 2 lakh and obove. In order to make a RTGS transfer in offline mode, the customer needs to visit HDFC Bank, collect HDFC Bank RTGS Form and duly fill it. Later, the form needs to presented at the cash counter along with cash or cheque, that need to be remitted. HDFC Bankn charges a nominal fee for this service if done in offline mode. Remitter needs to enter beneficiary bank account  bank account details along with his. HDFC Bank charges a nominal charges for this service. No matter you are HDFC bank customer or not, you can transfer funds in else account by filling this form. In this article, we will learn how to fill HDFC Bank RTGS form step by step HDFC bank RTGS form .

HDFC Bank Application Form For Funds Transfer Through
Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) /National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)

Branch Code /Name: Write the name of the Branch Code along with Branch name

Date: Write the date when you are making this transaction

Time: Write the time when you are actually filling this form

You are requested to remit the proceeds as per details below through RTGS / NEFT (Tick /the appropriate Box): Choose the transaction type between NEFT or RTGS. If the transferring amount is below Rs 2 Lakh select NEFT, and if the transferring amount is Rs 2 lakh and obove then select RTGS.


Beneficiary details ( Receiver of funds )

Beneficiary Name :. Write Beneficiary Bank account name.
Beneficiary Account Number: Write Beneficiary bank account number.
Beneficiary Account Number: Write Beneficiary bank account number.
Beneficiary Address: Write beneficiary residential address
Beneficiary Bank Name & Branch: Write beneficiary Bank Name & Branch
Beneficiary Bank IFSC Code: Write beneficiary’s bank IFSC code
Account type: If you are resident of India, select Resident and if not, select Non Resident
Amount (in figures) to be credited: Write the amount to be transferred in figure
Amount (in words) to be credited: Write the amount to be transferred in words

Remitter (Applicant) Name

Remitter Account Number: The funds transferor needs to write his bank account number ( for ICICI bank customers) .
Cash Deposited (Non HDFC Bank Customer): Non-HDFC Bank Customers needs to write the amount they wish to transfer in else account.
Mobile / Phone Number of Remitter (Mandatory): Remitter needs to write the mobile number
E-Mail Id: Remitter needs to write the Email ID ( if having )
Address of the Remitter (Mandatory for Non—HDFC Bank Customer): Remitter needs to write his residential Address. It is compulsory to write the residential address, if the remitter is non-HDFC Customer.
Remarks: Leave Blank

Terms & Conditions: Read the terms & Conditions of HDFC Bank NEFT/RTGS funds transfer.

I / We hereby authorize HDFC Bank Ltd. to carry out the RTGS / NEFT transaction as per details mentioned above. (Tick /time appropriate Box): Select transaction type between NEFT/RTGS as choose obove.

Signature of Authorized Signatory: Leave blank
For Bank Use: Leave blank
Customer Acknowledgement: This bottom part section of this form is being return to the remitter as receipt for the funds transferred.

Congratulations, HDFC NEFT/RTGS form is successfully filled and is ready to be presented at the cash counter for funds transfer.

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