How to fill ICICI Bank NEFT form in a correct way

ICICI Bank is India’s largest private sector bank. ICICI Bank not only operates domestically but also internationally. ICICI banks provides a wide range of Banking services & products to its customers. Out of which one service is NEFT ( National Electronic funds transfer). Under which funds can be transferred digitally from one bank account to another within seconds. NEFT transfer operates both in online and offline mode. To transfer the funds from ICICI Bank account to another account in offline mode, the customer needs to fill up ICICI Bank neft form. ICICI bank neft form can be used to transfer the amount below Rs 2 lakh in another account. In this article we will study how to fill ICICI Bank NEFT form. For better understanding of the topic, a video tutorial is embedded at the bottom of this post.  Download ICICI Bank NEFT form here.

 Application for Funds Transfer through RTGS/NEFT
RTGS NEFT (Select RTGS or NEFT as remittance type)

The Branch Manger
Date____Write the date when you are making this transaction

Dear Sir
Please remit through NEFT/RTGS_____Write the amount to be transferred in figure_____ a sum of  Rs ______Write the amount to be transferred in words______(Rupees in words)_______________
only as per details give below:

Cash (only for NEFT)__If you want to transfer the amount in cash then select this option. This option is only available for NEFT. This option is basically for those who don’t have account at ICICI Bank
Cheque__If you want to transfer the amount by submitting cheque then select this option.  
Debit of my/our account (only for NEFT)____If you have a bank account at ICICI bank account and willing to transfer the amount by debiting from your account, then select this option______________________

*ln case of cash please fill in the pay-in-slip__In case of cash transfer separate pay-in-slip need to be filled_______

DETAILS OF APPLICANT (REMITTER) (Remitter is Sender of money )

Account Number: The sender of money needs to write the ICICI bank account number
Cheque Number: If the sender is willing to transfer the amount by submitting cheque then cheque number needs to be mentioned here

Cheque Date: Write the cheque date
Remitter’s Name: The sender of money needs to write his/her name
Address: The sender of money needs to write his/her residential address
Mobile/Other Number/: The sender of money needs to write his/her mobile number

DETAILS OF BENEFlCIARY( Beneficiary is the person who receives the money)

Beneficiary’s Name: Write the Beneficiary Bank account name
Account Number: Write the bank account number of the beneficiary
Bank Name: Write Beneficiary Bank Name
IFSC Code(11-digit): Write IFS Code of the Beneficiary bank branch
Branch Address: Write address of beneficiary bank
Confirm Account Number again: Re-enter Beneficiary  Bank account number
Remarks (if any): Leave Blank


If the transaction is RTGS then the remitter needs to select a purpose for transferring in beneficiary’s account from the below purpose code.

CASH/Cash Management Transfer, INTE/lnterest, SUPP/Supplier Payment, CORT/Trade Setliement Payment, LOAN/Loan, TAXS/Tax Payment, DIVI/Dividend, PENS/Pension Payment, TRAD/Trade
GOVT/Governmet Payment, SALA/Salary Payment, TREA/Treasury Payment, HEDG/Hedging, SECU/Securities,
VATX/Value Added Tax Payment, INTC/Intra Company Payment, SSBE/Social Security Benefit, WHLD/With Holding.

Terms & Condition: Remitter should read the Terms & Condition of ICICI Bank NEFT/RTGS funds transfer.

Customer Signature: Write  applicant to draw his signature in this column
Primary Applicant: Write applicant should write his Name in this column

For Bank Use Only: Leave blank

Video Tutorial In Hindi