How to fill IndusInd Bank new ATM card form correctly

Induslnd bank is a one of the leading private sector Bank of India. The Bank is known to deliver one of the best banking services. The top class digital banking services offered by this bank makes it one of the most ideal choice for the new generation. The Bank is known to issue many instrument out of which atm debit card is one of the key instrument. This instrument allows customer to withdraw money from any ATM across any corner of the country. Also, it allows to make digital payment. In this article we will study, how to apply for Induslnd Bank new ATM card. Well, you need to simply fill up a form and submit the same at your home branch. Prior, to submitting, you will receive the same at the address mentioned on the form within one week. Now let’s learn how to fill Induslnd Bank new ATM card form. Download IndusInd Bank new ATM card form

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Please fill in all the details

induslnd bank atm card filled sample formName* Write your Account name
Address: Write your residential address on which you want your ATM should be delivered
City: Write the name of your city
State: Write the name of your state
Pincode: Write your area PIN Code
Tel No.: Mention your telephone number ( if you have )
Mobile No.: Write your Mobile number
Account: Write your Bank account number

If you would like to link an additional account to your Indusind Bank Power Card, please mention the account number below: If you possess additional bank account apart from this, and want to link that bank account to this Induslnd Bank ATM card, then mention the other bank account number.

1st Account Holder’s Signature :
The main applicant needs to sign here
2nd Account Holder’s Signature: Other Joint account holder (if any) needs to sign here

I/We authorise Indusind Bank Ltd. to issue the Indusind Bank Debit cum ATM card to me/us in lieu of an ATM card. I/We acknowledge that the issue and usage of the Card are governed by the terms and conditions as in force from time to time and agree to be bound by the same. I/We accept that the terms and conditions are liable to be amended by Indusind Bank Ltd. from time to time. I/We understand that upon the issue of the Indusind Bank Debit card to me/us, the existing ATM card linked to my/our account will be deactivated. I/We further, unconditionally and irrevocably, authorise Indusind Bank Ltd. to debit my/our account with an amount equivalent to the fees and charges for use of the Debit Card.

Date: Write the date when you are submitting this ATM form

*Name as would appear on the card Write the exact name that you want to be printed on the ATM Card.

Download IndusInd Bank new ATM card form

FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY : Leave these entries blank

Congratulations, you have successfully filled IndusInd Bank ATM card form