How to fill KYC form of Indane gas LPG connection

If you are heading to get a new gas connection then you need to submit KYC form to your nearest gas dealer. KYC form is compulsory form that need to be submitted to get a gas connection. This form demands information about applicant personal details like name, close relative name, his residential address and mobile number. The applicant also needs to select one address and identity proof as documents. Let’s study how to fill KYC form of Indane Gas.

How to fill KYC form of Indane gas LPG connection

There are certain number of columns that you need to fill in Indane gas KYC form. Let’s learn what exactly one has to fill in these coloumns. 

On top extreme right hand corner, the applicant need to paste his recent passport-size photograph in the box.

1.Personal Details: In this section, the applicant needs to provide his personal details. First the applicant should choose the prefix ( Mr,Mrs or Ms.) and then fill First name, middle name and last name.

b. Gas Consumer Number: Leave this coloumn blank as you are applying for gas connection for first time.

c. Date of Birth: Write your date of birth in format of DDMMYYYY

d. Close  Relative: Now in this coloumn write the name of the your closest relative in your family. The applicant need to write his father name in first coloumn and mother name in second coloumn. Married people can write name of their spouses.

2) Address for LPG connection / Contact Information

Here in this coloumns, you need to first choose the document code generally accepted as address proof by gas agency for verification. To know the code refer page two of Indane gas KYC form. Thereafter write your full residential address. Choose your city, state, area PIN Code, mobile number and email. 

3) Other Relevant Details: 

a) Proof of Identity (POI): Write the category code of the document you are submitting as identity proof. To know the document code head over to page two of Indane gas KYC form.

Card Number: Leave this blank 

b) Ration Card Details if Available: If you possess ration card then do mention the ration card number and the issuing state.

Declaration: Do read the declaration and put your signature and name in the assigned coloumn and put the date.

Now the form is fully completed to be submitted. Do attach the address and identity documents mentioned in the form. After scrutinizing the submitted  form, gas agency official will tear the acknowledgement part and hand over it to you as receipt. 

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