How to fill KYC ( Know Your Customer) form of Indian Overseas Bank (iob bank)

Indian Overseas Bank is one of the nationalised  bank of India regulated and owned by the government of India. Indian Overseas bank head Office is located in Chennai, India. At Present, Presently, this bank has total of 3400 branch network in whole India. Indian Overseas Bank provides a wide range of services to its customers like opening account, issuing ATM Cards to customers, providing loans at affordable rate of interests. In this articel we will study about the KYC update norms of India Overseas bank.

What is KYC ( Know Your Customer): KYC is a process where the Bank verifies the identity and address of the customer, maintaining an account with the bank. Under KYC, the customer needs to submit zerox copies of Government approved ID to bank proving his identity and Residential address. It is now made mandatory for every bank customer to get his KYC updated with his concerned bank. In the failure of which the bank imposes restriction of performing transaction with the bank. The documents that needs to be submitted for completion of KYC are Aadhar card and PAN Card. To get the KYC updated one needs to fill up a KYC form and submit the form after enclosing the zerox copies of the Identity and the address proof.  Download Indian Overseas bank KYC (Know Your Customer) Form pdf

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How to fill the KYC (Know Your Customer) form of Indian Overseas Bank

  1. Name: Write the first name or your name
    Middle name: Write the middle name, if any
    Write the surname or the last name
    Write Indian
    Choose the gender between male or female
    Date of Birth:
    Write the date of Birth
    Write the present age
    Maritial Status:
    Write the maritial status either single or married
  2. Spouse/father’s Name: Write father name or in case of women write your husband name
  3. Type of Account: Choose the type of account either saving or current
    A/C number: Write the bank account number
  4. Passport No: If you possess a passport then do mention the place of issue, date of issue and date of expiry
    THAI ID/tax No:
    Leave Blank
    Work Permit No:
    Leave blank

    Number of Children: If you are married specify the number of children you have, in case of unmarried chose None
  5. Occupation: Choose your occupation amongst the option available
  6. Educational Qualifications: Choose your qualification level
  7. Residential address ( as per House registration ): Write the full residential address including your full sub district, district, province( State) and the Pin Code
    Present Contact Address: Write the local address if you have
    Work Place Information: If you are working please specify the residential address of the office place
  8. Accomodation: Choose your house type either own or rental
  9. Credit Card: If you possess credit card then do write the name of the bank who has issued the credit card and the per month card limit
  10. Purpose of Account opening: Simply write for Savings
  11. Source of Funds: Just write the sources form where you generate the funds i,e business/Salary
    Annual Income: Write the annual income
    Other Income:
    specify other income , if any
    Name the sources from where you generate the funds
  12. Total Income from all sources: Just Write the total income form all sources that you earn
  13. If engaged in business: If you are doing business you needs to furnish necessary information about your business
    Location and information of the business: Write about the nature of business and the address of the business
    Estimate income:
    Write the estimated income earned from the business
    Other source of Income:
    Mention the other sources of income
    Total Annual Income:
    Write the annual income earned annually
    Existing Bank Account, if any:
    If you have an Bank Account then do mention the name of the bank
    Credit Facility Availed:
    If you availed any credit facility like loans or overdraft then do mention the name of the bank from whom you have attained the credit facility.
  14. Any other information that you would like to record with bank: Write Aadhar card and the PAN card
  15. Declaration: I agree the norms and declarations
    Signature of the Applicant: The applicant needs to draw his signature in this coloumn
    Write the date when you are submitting this form

Download Indian Overseas bank KYC (Know Your Customer) Form pdf

      Bank Office Use: Leave this coloumn Blank