How to fill SBI( State Bank of India) Withdrawal slip

SBI Withdrawal slip is a type of form issued by bank to its bank customers to withdraw money from their dedicated account held by them in any branch across the country. This medium of withdrawing money from account is famous amongst those customers who doesn’t possess any sort of ATM Card. In SBI Withdrawal slip one has to enter details about his account like his account number, account name and the most important, he or she has to sign in the dedicated column confirming his account ownership. The signature should be the same one submitted to the bank at the time of account opening. One also needs to present the passbook along with the filled SBI withdrawal slip at the cash counter to successfully carry out the transaction. In this article we will learn how to fill public sector and India’s largest Bank State Bank of India SBI Withdrawal Slip in correct and a proper manner. For Better understanding a Video Tutorial Link has also been attached which teaches as to how one can fill sbi withdrawal slip. Download SBI withdrawal slip

Video Tutorial……….

How to fill SBI( State Bank of India) Withdrawal slip

In order to withdraw money from your account you need to fill sbi withdrawal slip as shown obove in the video. SBI withdrawal slip consists of two part. One is front part where all entries need to be filled compulsory in order to get money withdrawal from your account. Other side is back part where you have to do your signature and the signature should be the one that you give to bank at the time of account opening.

Entries to be filled in withdrawal slip:
Front Side of withdrawal slip
Name of the Account Holder (s):    Just write the name by which you are operating your account which is your account name.
Branch:   Just write the SBI Bank Branch from where you are withdrawing money.
Account number:   Just write your saving or current bank account number from which you will be withdrawing money.
Please pay self/ourselves Rs:   Just write the amount in figure that you wish to withdraw from your account.

Rupees:    Just write the amount in words
Phone/Mobile No:   Just write your mobile number in which you wish to receive bank SMS alerts.
Signature(s) of the Account Holder(s):  Just do your signature in this place and the signature should be the same that you gave to bank at the time of account opening.
FOR OFFICE USE:  Leave these entries blank as these entries are reserved for bank officials.

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Back side of withdrawal slip
Just do your signature in this place ( as shown obove in sample filled slip ) and the signature should be the same that you gave to bank at the time of account opening.
Note**   While withdrawing from your account with withdrawal slip you have to also present the account associated Pass Book along with slip to the cashier in case if you fail to present the Pass Book you would not get payment. Download SBI withdrawal slip Click HERE

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