how to fill State Bank of India ( SBI) form da1 nomination form

State Bank of India is India’s largest Bank. This bank is owned by the government of India. The headquarter of this bank is situated in Mumbai. This bank is known for its wide range of services that it offers to its customers like offering loans at low rate of interest, issuing International debit card, issuing its customer cheque for payment, accepting deposit and transferring funds under NEFT and RTGS. In this article we will study about the nomination facility of this SBI.

What is DA-1 Nomination form of State Bank of India (SBI): This form is used by a bank customer to appoint a nominee to his bank account. In case of his death the appointed nominee to the account has to right to get the amount pending in the account of the deceased. To apply for nomination one need to visit his SBI home branch, there he needs to fill up a nomination form.

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