How to fill Withdrawal slip of Indian overseas bank

Indian Overseas Bank is one of the leading bank owned by the government of India. The bank headquarter is situated in Chennai, India.  The Bank has total of 3400 branches in India. This Bank provides a lot of services to its customer in terms of accepting deposit, sanctioning loans, issuing ATM card facility to its customer, transferring money under NEFT and RTGS system of funds transfer.

In this article we will learn what is Withdrawal slip and how to fill this slip

Withdrawal slip: It is the slip used to withdraw money from a concerned account. Generally people who don’t have access to the ATM card usually use this method to withdraw money. To withdraw money form a account one needs to first visit a bank then he needs to fill up a withdrawal slip and then present the slip at the cash counter along with the pass book.

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How to fill the withdrawal slip of Indian Overseas Bank

Entries to be filled in withdrawal slip:

Date: Just write the date on which you are withdrawing from your account.
Savings Bank A/c No. : Just write your Saving bank account number

Rupees: Just write the amount in words that you will be withdrawing from your account.

Rs.  : Just write the amount in figure (for example Rs. 2000) that you will be withdrawing from your account.

Back side of Withdrawal slip:

Just put your signature on the opposite side of this slip and the signature should be same  you gave to bank at the time of account opening.

Note** :  You must accompany your account associated pass book with this slip otherwise the cashier would not make payment.

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