How to Link or Add URLs to an Image in WordPress website

Hello everyone today in this article we will tell you as to how you can easily insert URL or links in an images so that if one click on that images he is to the desired website. Images always create a best kind of Impressions in the mind of readers as compared to normal URL or links.

Steps involved in inserting URL into an image are described below:

just navigate to the article where you want to insert the image in WordPress website

Now, Press Add Media Button and then click on Upload File( then Select File) and search for the image you want to insert.
Select the image and  press Open and then press Insert into post.
You can also search the image from Media Library if the image you have already uploaded in past in your articles.

Now the image will be loaded at the place where the cursor is. Now CLICK on the image. On clicking on the image one will see a pop up option opening on the top of the image ( see obove screenshot). Now CLICK on the icon like pencil.

On Clicking on Icon like pencil one will see the screen like this ( see screenshot obove). Now over to the left of the screen  one will see option like Link To: Select Custom URL from the pop up List
Below it just mention the URL you want to viewers to be directed.

Finally, Over to the Bottom right corner Click on Update

Hence You are done you have successfully inserted a URL in an image now if one click on this image he will be directed to the desired website you want.

Video Tutorial:


Thanks for watching……………