How to Recall forgotten Registered Number of Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar is one of the main document in India. This document consists of a unique 12 Digit number allotted to Indian resident to provide him a distinct identify. Aadhaar card is accepted both as Identify and Address proof. It is been mandatory by most sector like financial, banking, etc for possession of aadhaar number to avail service or benefits Received from government.

Government rolls plenty of schemes from time to time and to be eligible for the scheme it is necessary for the card holder that his card is linked with mobile number.

There can be instance when you forgot your registered number that you submitted during Aadhaar enrollment. If you have forgotten your registered number then do follow these steps to get a slight hind of last your digit of your mobile number, helping you to recall your number.

Visit UIDAI website

Under Aadhar service > Click Verify Aadhar Card

Now Enter your 12 Digit Aadhaar followed by entering the Captcha code

Click Submit

Now in the new window…a pop will open that would carry the details about the said entered aadhaar number. At last line in front of number you can find your your last 4 digit of number current registered with Aadhaar number.

Hope this helps …