How to transfer funds through RTGS form of UCO Bank

The acronym RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement. RTGS funds transfer service is mainly adopted when a customer has to transfer a big sum in another account within India. When it comes to funds transfer, mode of RTGS funds transfer occupies the prominent place. Under RTGS, a sum starting from Rs 2 lakh and obove can be transferred. Funds transfer via RTGS are considered safe and secure both from banker and customer point of view. In a move to promote digital banking, UCO Bank customers can now make funds transfer both in online and offline modes. In online mode, the customer need to have internet banking account. In case if the bank customer doesn’t have access to internet banking, then the best alternative mode is offline. In offline mode, the customer needs to visit bank, fill RTGS form of UCO Bank, issue cheque of transferring amount including the bank charges levied on the transferring service. RTGS form of UCO Bank is available at all UCO branches for free. Some UCO Bank branches accepts even cash from non customer for sending funds through RTGS form of UCO Bank. Here in this post, we will learn how to fill RTGS form of UCO Bank

Download RTGS form of UCO Bank pdf