How to Recall forgotten Registered Number of Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar is one of the main document in India. This document consists of a unique 12 Digit number allotted to Indian resident to provide him a distinct identify. Aadhaar card is accepted both as Identify and Address proof. It is been mandatory by most sector like financial, banking, etc for possession of aadhaar number to … Read more

Tuberculosis Symptoms that are commonly seen on Patients

Tuberculosis is a air borne disease caused by bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis. If a person who has Active TB sneeze or cough in open then TB bacteria are expelled out in form of tiny droplets of saliva. If someone comes in contact with that tiny droplets or inhales it then the bacteria invades inside his … Read more

Gram Suraksha Scheme: Earn 35 Lakh by investing Rs 1500 Monthly

Gram Suraksha Scheme: Post office offers plenty of Deposit and Scheme amongst which the investor can choose as per his investment requirement. Some scheme involves high risk but guarantees high profit where some scheme involves low risk and satisfactory profit. Investor can choose as per his capability of investing and his aim. Also Read: How … Read more

How to Change Photo in PAN Card online

PAN Card is a document issued by Income Tax Department of India. It has 11 Digit alpha numeric character embossed on it known as PAN number. This PAN Number is used to file income Tax return and also to carry numerous financial transactions. Also, PAN Card is a government approved valid document for Identify. Along … Read more