How to fill State Bank of India Deposit Slip Correctly

Sbi deposit slip or sbi pay in slip is a form or a slip issued by bank to its customer to deposit money in his concerned saving or current account. sbi deposit form is categorized into two sections, one which is customer foil, which the bank cashier returns to the customer after putting his signature … Read more

How to Compress videos without Software Manually by setting

Hello today in this video I am going to tell you as to how you can compress your videos without any software or from very beginning of shooting your videos. Recording  videos on high resolution on one hand  creates high quality videos but on other hand it occupies large part of your memory RAM thus … Read more

How to fill Withdrawal slip of Allahabad Bank

allahabad bank withdrawal slip filled sample

Allahabad Bank is one of the public sector bank of India. This Bank is owned by the Government of India. The headquarter of this bank is situated in Kolkata, West bengal, India. Presently, the bank has 3245 branches situated in all India. In terms of banking products it provides a leading service by providing loans … Read more

What is Cheque. What are the different types of Cheques in India ?

types of cheque & method of drawing

Meaning of Cheque “Cheque is an unconditional order addressed to a  Bank, signed by the drawer of the cheque, ordering bank to pay the drawee with the specified amount as furnished in the cheque. Classification of cheques: Simple Cheque Multi-city Cheque Simple Cheque:  A simple cheque that was being used in the past. Payment for … Read more

How to fill SBI( State Bank of India) Withdrawal slip

sbi withdrawal slip filled sample

SBI Withdrawal slip is a type of form issued by bank to its bank customers to withdraw money from their dedicated account held by them in any branch across the country. This medium of withdrawing money from account is famous amongst those customers who doesn’t possess any sort of ATM Card. In SBI Withdrawal slip … Read more