Top earning Blog and Websites Niches to start in 2020 for Beginners

When one search up for various ways to earn money online from home then    the platform of Blog always ranks top. Its not free  to create a Blog or website but still if one incur expenses a develoes website or blog and later if the blog is monetized and getting enormous traffic then the site can earn plenty. But the biggest thing is to decide the right Blog Niches to start. There are many top earning Blog niches for beginners to start. Some of the best are well described below.

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  1. E-commerce: This is the best option to start up a new website. One can set up a online store where he can start sellings things. The profit attained is from the sale of the product. Niches based on e-stores are very profitable and very longlasting.
  2. Gadgets Reviews: This is the best niche to start up a new blog. One can start up a new blog and starts posting articles reviewing latest launched Gadgets such as details overview of newly launched smartphones, latest launched electronic gadgets. How to use them.
  3. Educational niche: This is also a nice option to start a new blog. One can start this blog for the education lovers or for the younger generations who have passion to learn something new and in a better way. One can posts articles relating to various branches of study. Nowdays there are many creaters are creating educational blogs imparting educations to many.
  4. Social Networking: If one has command over programming languages such as Java,php then he also go for creating social networking types software. Later it can be applied for monetisation and if approved the returns is great due to hugh traffic on such sites.
  5. Employment: Getting good job is the need of everyone. Mostly after completing their education people tend to search for job. If one create a blog highlighting the various jobs available both realting to private and government sector  according to ones capability then such types of blog can get vast of  Monetising such blogs can be very fruitful in terms of money.
  6. News: Its a tendancy of people readings newspapers from time to time in a day. Thus based on that one can start up a blog which includes article on latest news from the fields of sports, politics, bollywood, hollywood, culture, etc. Like Social networking blogs on news channels also derives a hugh visitors traffic. If such blogs on news are monetised then it can generates good revenue for the creater.
  7. Cookery: One can start a blog relating to writing recipes as to how to cook various types of food and cruisines. Food lovers tends to search for various types of food and there is more chances that they visit your website in seach for them. If your site is monetized and if you place Links adds between recipes articles then there is more chances that the visitors clicks on your Links adds and thus benefit you.
  8. Event Blog: This is one of the common kind of Blog niche one loves to create. Event Blog basically inclues articles relating to such as events greetings, wishes, quotes and messages for the upcoming Festival or an famous event. There are many festival or enormous events in a year thus people tend to look up in this types of event blog for search of nice messages, quotes so them to copy and forwarding them to their known ones. Event Blog gets enormous traffic near to an upcoming festival or event. If the site is well monetised with appropriate adds then the income generated per day exceed $1000 per day.

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