How to Track Pan card status just by name and date of birth easily in three simple steps

Hello everyone in this video and article we will learn how to track pan card status online.

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How to Track Pan card status just by name and date of birth easily in three simple steps

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Track your PAN card just by your name and date of birth in three simple steps:

, open google and search for Track PAN card status.
Now you will see the screen as shown obove. Click on the webpage shown on the top as shown in the screenshot in yellow underline


Now in this page you need to fill the entries in order to track your PAN card status:
Entries to be filled:
Application type:  Select  PAN – New/Change request
Aknowledgement Number: if you have your 15 digit Aknowledgement number you can select this option by clicking on circle check button on the left of acknowledgement option. Just put your acknowledgement number and below enter captche code shown and hit SUBMIT
If you don’t have your acknowledgement number then  click on name circle checkbox and now put your Last Name/surname in first box, then First name and then your Middle name( if any).
Now select your Date of Birth as  you submitted in the PAN card form at the time of applying
Now on the botton part put the captche code as shown just obove
Now Click SUBMIT


Now the screen displayed showns your PAN card status disclosing information of your PAN card name your category and the 10 digit alpha-numeric PAN card number.

Track you PAN Card Now Click HERE
Download PAN Card Application Form

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