Tuberculosis Symptoms that are commonly seen on Patients

Tuberculosis is a air borne disease caused by bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis. If a person who has Active TB sneeze or cough in open then TB bacteria are expelled out in form of tiny droplets of saliva. If someone comes in contact with that tiny droplets or inhales it then the bacteria invades inside his body through respiratory tract and resides in lungs. This stage is called Latent TB. Thereafter, the bacteria remains there in dormant mode, later if the person’s immunity drops down then the Latent TB gets convert into Active TB. Once TB gets converted into Active, Patients start experiencing tuberculosis symptoms resulting from TB bacteria. When Tuberculosis bacteria invades the body it is not necessary that the bacteria will affect only the lungs. In some cases, the bacteria comes in contact with blood and travel to other body part and causes infection relating to that organ. Once the body’s Immunity drops, Patient start witnessing symptoms.

Tuberculosis Symptoms that patient witness: 

Tuberculosis Symptoms are categorized into two categories firstly, the common symptoms and secondly, the body organ where the TB Bacteria caused infection and Cavity.

Common Tuberculosis Symptoms:

Common Tuberculosis Symptoms include those symptoms that are common in all Tuberculosis patient, no matters the patient is infected with Pulmonary or Extra pulmonary TB. If you are infected with tuberculosis you might be experiencing these symptoms that may vary form mild to severe.

1.) Fever: Persistent fever in a person can be a sign that the person might have Tuberculosis. In Tuberculosis, the patient has fever mostly all the time. On touching body of Tuberculosis patient hotness can easily be sensed. In Tuberculosis patient normal fever medicine doesn’t work. It can give some relief to the patient but cannot help patient get rid of fever.

2.) Loss of appetite: Patient losses the willingness to eat food. He doesn’t wills to eat food. Even in case of favorite food, patient loose Interest to eat like before.

3.) Weight loss: Tuberculosis patient experience sudden weight loss. Unexpected weight loss can be yet another symptoms of Tuberculosis.

4.) Chills: Tuberculosis patient experience sudden chills or a sense of coldness like in winter seasons especially during evening. Also the Patient sweats a lot at night.

5.) Fatigue: Tuberculosis patient experience sudden weakness. Patient doesn’t wills to do any work. Feeling tired all the time and urges to sleep most of the time.

Tuberculosis Symptoms related to Organ:

Tuberculosis bacteria wherever grows it causes cavity of that organ. When Cavity is caused the patient starts witnessing symptoms related to that organ. Let’s know the SYMPTOMS related to Organ.

Pulmonary TB: When TB bacteria causes cavity of lungs it is said to be pulmonary TB. Pulmonary TB is the common type of tb. In 90% cases all Tuberculosis patient are mostly affected from lungs TB only. If tuberculosis bacteria causes cavity on lungs then SYMPTOMS are like prolonged cough, blood in sputum, heart pain, difficulty to take long breath, asthmatic attack, chest pain while taking breath, etc.

Lymph Node Tb: If the tuberculosis bacteria causes infection in neck cervical Lymph Node, in armpit or groin part then there is swelling in the lymph node region. Along with swelling there can be pain or not. In most patients after some weeks of getting infected, the swollen lymph node drain pus. Thus patient needs a proper dressing to clean the affected part.

Bone TB: If Tuberculosis bacteria affect the bone, then the symptoms are related to bone like pain in spinal cord, severe backpain, joint pain ( especially of hips, elbow, knees ), spine pain, bone deformity, bone fracture, etc.

Abdominal TB: If the tuberculosis bacteria comes in contact with blood and reaches any Abdomen organ then it create infection of that organ where the bacteria stayed and growed. If the bacteria caused infection of intestinal ( large intestine mostly ) it causes pain of stomach side, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, lethargic, pain while passing stool, bloody stool, etc. If Bacteria cause infection of Liver then symptoms are like severe pain obo

Note** It is not necessary that all of these symptoms need to be seen before confirming that the patient might have Tuberculosis. Even if a patient has either of the symptoms there are still chances that he might can have Tuberculosis. Lungs Tuberculosis is called Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Pulmonary TB is diagnosed by smear and culture test. Also, the doctar examines patient lungs xray to check the part affected by TB Bacteria.

Disclaimer: Don’t take Tuberculosis lightly. There are many cases where the patient lungs were totally damage because of Tuberculosis late diagnose. Thus if anyone Experience mild TB symptoms patient must get his/her sputum diagnose at any government hospital for free.

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