What is Affiliate marketing and how does it works.

Affiliate marketing method basically means sale of a product by referral of the third person who bring the buyer and seller in contact and help to convert buyer-seller meet into successful sale. Affiliate marketing is one of the most famous method of all times of selling and promoting a product.

How Affiliate Marketing works ??

Under Affiliate marketing the referrer shares the Link of the product of a firm or a company on various platforms like Blog, Website, Youtube Channel or Social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, etc,.and if any viewers visit website ad blogs comes across such shared product link and clicks on that links after finding it interesting its takes them to the official website of which the product is shared. Now if the viewer purchase the product or even if he purchase any other product from the same website then the person who shared the Link of the product is entilled for reward as he is the one who brought the buyer and seller into contract and help in converting the meet into sale. Affiliate marketing is mainly practiced by online shopping  websites and companies and they are the one who are benefitted the most. If the product is sold through such referrel then the referral person is entilled for commission which varies from  1% to maximium of 1000% on the price of the product being sold through such referrel.

Affiliate marketing method is very much successful for a new firm who is new in the industry and its product are not familiar to the public  being its new status. Thus it is fact that its sale would be low until its product establish a good name in the industry and on the mind on the consumers.

How to start Affiliate Marketing?

If one will to start Affiliate marketing then youtube or website are the best platforms . Both these platforms are best for doing Affiliate marketing. In order to start Affiliate marketing one has to first join and sign up for Affiliate marketing programme of a dedicated online shopping companies. In India best Online Shopping for affiliate marketing are Amazon, Flipkart,  Snapdeal etc. One can sign up for any number of website giving facility of Affiliate marketing their products. After signing up one has to log in to its dedicated Affiliate marketing programme  of which he has sign up. After signing up in the affiliate account one has to search for the product of which the one want to do affiliate marketing . After finding the product one has to look for the option get Link then the person has to copy the link and paste in this blog or youtube where he will to share the Link.

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