What is SBI green remit card and How to fill SBI green remit card application form

State Bank of India Green Remit Card is a card used to deposit money in a particular assigned  SBI account. Its just like SBI atm card used to deposit money in account. Nowdays  the banking sector is becoming digital so in lieu of it this green remit card has been introduced by SBI bank under which you can deposit money in a particular  SBI  account for which you have applied for this green remit card. This remit card can be used at green channel counter of SBI bank or it can be used in all cash deposit machines it does not require any pin to operate. Even if a person don’t have account in SBI bank he can apply for this card to deposit money in a particular SBI account. The per limit transaction at a time is Rs 25000 and the maximum limit is Rs 1,00,000 per month only.

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