Why my Facebook Ads are not converting into sales

Facebook for publishing adds

Have you ever considered as to why you browse through the social networking sites. The answer would be to hang around with friends, activities and all like things. Top Social media platform facebook, allows its space letting its users to publish add on their platform. At present, facebook is the biggest social networking with the most number of active subscribers. Thus facebook is taking advantage of the same by converting facebook into a add serving platform. Over the past years, facebook advertising has gain a lot of publicity because of its reasonable price and the easiness that it gives to its users to publish adds.  

Why the Facebook Adds are not converting to sales

Just consider with an example, why are you on facebook or why have you created an facebook account ?? The answer that one would expect form another person is simple, for making new friends, chatting with facebook friends, writing daily posts, commenting on the posts of your friends, etc. Is anyone there in the facebook who has created an account with an motive to watch the facebook adds pertaining to a website or  app. Based on this reference, it is quite clear that if someone is on facebook with a motive mentioned obove then he would certainly not click on your adds.

Though facebook provides multiple ways where the user can classify his published products adds according to the custom audience, gender wise, on basis of audience Interest,etc. But seriously all these tactics doesn’t work even if you well customised the ads well.

Why the facebook Viewers are Clicking on your facebook adds even with a perspective to buy

I have generally seen some user logined to facebook even without a perspective, they neither chat with friends neither they post something but still they hang around the facebook.  Such users who don’t have a intention but still hanging around on facebook generally clicks on the adds. They actually know that they are just passing away the time thus if they see some well customised add they simply click on the add. In some case they wait till the facebook add redirects to the website or mostly they tends to close the page before the page actually loads, thus ultimately it increases the bounce rate and causes you monetary losses as he clicked on your facebook add and didn’t purchased the product if it was a affiliate marketing product.

Facebook adds are ideal in what instances

In my opinion, if one has launched a website or a app with a early motive to socialise or popularise the same, then he should certainly go for it. But if your intensions is to earn money through affiliate marketing, where you publish products adds connected with a affiliate link, there the chance of getting the click converted into the sale is very rare.

How to convert facebook Ads into sales

One can get success in the affiliate marketing website only when the website drives organic traffic. Organic traffic visit a website for a specific motive like if one wants to know the latest smartphones then he searches in the google like “ Best smartphones for January 2020” and google loads thousand of  website with the relevant information. Now the user would click on any website loaded at page one of the google. He would visit the website and read the article and if the article is supported with a affiliate link of the product like smartphones in our case then he would certainly click on the link and he may land over the related website whose links have been shared. Thus now the chances of converting the click into the sale is 90% because here the motive of the user is to purchase. He searched on the google with a motive to buy. Thus one need to concentrate on creation of good content for the first 6 month. The content should be original and guinean. Detail review should be written for the products or a service. He should stay away from posting facebook ads. If the user wants he can share the the products links on the social networking platforms. After 6 month when the website starts receiving organic traffic then one will surely see success in the affiliate marketing.