What to write in the capacity of Pan Card coloumn

Applicants applying for PAN Card generally get confused in coloumn 16 of PAN Card form 49A where one has to furnish information like in capacity of. In this article will will let you know what exactly one has to fill in this coloumn of in capacity of. 

What to write in  PAN Card form 49A, coloumn 16, which states as …………….in the capacity of

Answer: Just write the your status in this coloumn, For example, If you are filling this form by yourself then write Himself/Herself, if other person is filling this pan card form on your behalf then just write Representative assesse in this coloumn space or in case you are applying for this pan card for your company then write partner in this coloumn space or the designation you bear in the business. In case of Hindu Undivided family (Head of the family) write as Karta in this coloumn space.

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